Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve, Gravenhurst, Ontario


Thoughts of you.

Do you remember that day at the cottage? You pulled together ingredients to make me lunch in the afternoon. You paired it with a rosé because that’s what the top chefs have told us to do. I thought I would help cook but skimmed my arm on the stovetop. It left lines of burnt skin, dark and splotchy.

It was a summer day; murky, thick heat I thought I could swallow whole. We watched the clouds roll in when we decided to take a walk through the wetlands near the cottage. It started to pour that day, big screaming droplets crawling between our kisses, but it didn’t stop us. In that moment I thought of our future; crying children pulling my hair and running between our legs, and how even that wouldn’t stop us from kissing, either. I was there in our future, and there in the present - two places at once. I could suddenly go anywhere and trace your outline in the shadows of my mind.

My love: do you think the land might ever change in the places we kissed on that rainy day? Might humanity build over it and erase the places we lingered? Do you think they might stop where we stopped, feeling the ghost of us, but shake it off? I wonder if they would be full of the same overwhelming joy that we were in those places. As they break the land and reshape it to serve their needs, do you think we can blame them?

I can.