As photographers we must be in all places at once. From your first encounter, years ago, on that night of loud crowded bars and half efforts, to the moment in present time when his hand slides through your hair and you blush.

It was a Friday afternoon that we met the couple in one of Emily’s favourite cafés in the middle of Kensington Market. Coffee in hand we chat and catch up on experiences long past. Quickly after meeting Mike we acknowledge the many close encounters strangers make living in close proximity; we discover how our shared common interests have caused our paths to cross previously with one another, and we're able to bond easily and effortlessly. As we wander the busy market we marvel at their quiet exchanges, softened gaze and gentle understanding of one another; capturing their essence, we smile behind our intrusive machines.

Documenting a couple in love is easy; we let them naturally guide our lenses. Emily and Mike generate an organic formation of followers, people’s eyes gawking at their beauty and obvious admiration for one another. So we simply follow the crowd.