Here is a list of some frequently asked questions that we figured we would get into detail about so you can do your research and make an informed decision :)

Should we have a "first look", or wait until the ceremony?

Do you want to the first time you see one another to be at the alter, or in a place of your choosing prior to your vows? Its totally up to you! We love photographing the first look, but we also love seeing your expressions at the alter and capturing those emotions on camera! Each is special, and we feel that it should be entirely up to you. What feels right for you?

Should I hire a professional to do my hair and makeup?

Unless you are a hair or makeup artist, in short, the answer is yes. Your wedding photography is an investment. When hair and makeup is done professionally, it lends to the polished feel in the final photos. You will be busy on your wedding day, and hair and makeup tends to be put to the test! You want to be put together throughout the entire day, and investing in a hair and makeup artist goes a long way!

Do you capture family photos and any other traditional shots?

Of course we do! We know how important it is to get those family shots! After all, how often is everyone together? We take the extra time and care to ensure that your friends, family, and guests are photographed. We know that family members are often the ones that want a copy of those traditional family shots, so we want to make sure we get those for you.

Do I really need "getting ready" photos?

We love getting ready shots! It sets the stage for your curated love story. :) But if you feel shy about being photographed prior to looking "complete", we totally understand. We do suggest that you allow us to capture the very end of the getting ready process. Those moments include putting on your jewelry, veil, shoes, etc.

How long until my photos are delivered?

We take 8 weeks to return your wedding photos to you. Wedding season gets busy and we like to make sure that we invest enough time into the editing process so that you are very happy with your photos, and so we are very happy with the end result. We never want to rush to deliver your photos! We do send you a sneak peek which includes 10 - 15 edited photos of your special day to tide you over. ;) These are delivered a few days after your wedding!

How many photos will we receive?

Each wedding results in a different amount of photos. Although our wedding packages are based on a set amount of hours, there will be different traditions, schedules, etc. We can estimate that you will receive between 350 - 550 fully edited, high resolution photos.

Do you photograph weddings outside of Ontario?

Absolutely! Get in touch with us and we will send you our welcome package. It goes over our destination wedding package and provides info on pricing :)

Okay, so, one of you shoots with Canon, the other with Nikon. Whats up with that?!

*and so begins opinions and rivalries* We each have our preference. We learned on different cameras, and we stick to what we like best. Besides, it isn't about the gear, its about the photographer ;)