Genevieve & Alex


We met with Genevieve and Alex on a cool evening in a dingy dive bar on the East side of the city. Gen greets us first, her long red hair swept down her body with no end in sight. Gen speaks and moves with purpose, her clothing and accessories as if selected from the pages of VOGUE, her tone is gentle and kind, and Alex is no exception. We begin by catching up on our lives, as old friends do.

As they describe their wedding plans with us, everything begins to play out in our minds. They are to marry in Prague, their favourite city in the world. Still in slight disbelief that we may be traveling with them, we listen to them describe the wedding of their dreams - A black wedding dress, set among Prague’s gothic architecture, a carriage ride through Old Town Square, a rich floral colour pallet, and all under the red October sun. We say goodbye for the evening, and with each passing day our excitement builds and builds until we find ourselves on a plane crossing the ocean.

Together we spend seven magical days wandering the city, learning from the Czech people and nearing crying at the sight of all its beauty. Gen and Alex were beaming with happiness on their wedding day in Prague, and we feel so lucky to call them our dear friends. To Alex, Genevieve and their wonderful family, we are forever grateful.

We hope you enjoy this two-day, gothic inspired shoot in Prague, Czech Republic.

The wedding day…