Michael & Sabrina


It was a mild evening when we met Michael and Sabrina for coffee. They shared with us their exciting ideas for their engagement and wedding to come. A long history for these lovers resulted in a proposal among a wild Canadian landscape; this is the story of Michael and Sabrina.

As we listen to their past, Sabrina takes us back to her childhood, perched on the rocks near Algonquin Park. She explains that it’s later that she shares her secret place with Michael, and together they build a deeper understanding and appreciation for this space on the map. They describe, so clearly, the landscape’s beauty and apologize for the long drive to reach it. We pay no mind to the long drive to reach this place, we pay no mind to getting lost on the way, we pay no mind to getting home late. This becomes the place where Michael proposes, and so this must be the place they return for their engagement photos.

Beneath forests and in rapids we spend the day like children - getting soaked and laughing. It was a day of chasing light, reliving memories, and telling stories, and we tell the story of Michael and Sabrina with an understanding of the history that lies there.